Our 10 Most Popular Instagram Posts Sum Up the Power of WeWork

by Jenna Wilson


At WeWork, we believe that strong design and connections are key factors for happiness and success. So it’s no surprise that in 2018 the @wework Instagram posts that our community engaged with most were ones that “tell our story through stunning visuals,” according to Rhiannon Sawyer, a director of social media at WeWork.

Here are the most engaging Instagram posts of the year, each one showcasing a unique experience from the WeWork community around the world.

A year to remember

Reflecting on 2018, we are humbled by the efforts of our teammates and members to make a positive impact on the world. Each employee, member, and partner contributed to WeWork’s growth and reminded us that we will always achieve more when we work together.

Pride at WeWork

Showing our pride

WeWork kicked off 2018 with a message from chief operating officer Jen Berrent that no matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, educational background, or socioeconomic level, you are welcome at WeWork. Our employees celebrated that spirit of inclusion by participating in 20 Pride events around the world, including New York City’s Heritage of Pride parade.


Growing our community

Our spaces are meant to inspire and foster creative thinking, so it’s no surprise to hear from Lia Zneimer, who oversees the international social media team, that photos featuring greenery—like this one captured in Shanghai—natural wood, and lots of sunlight perform especially well.


Light over darkness

This image celebrated Diwali, a Hindu holiday representing the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and awareness over ignorance. One of WeWork’s six core values, “Together,” shines through in the photo, which highlights communities coming together to celebrate, learn, and grow.


Touring with a local

Over the course of eight years, WeWork has expanded into 99 cities throughout the world, including Madrid. When we open in a new market, we often invite local employees to take over our Instagram Story to share their favorite spots. In this way, “the Instagram account becomes a community effort,” explains Zneimer.

Water bottles

Respecting our environment

This year WeWork made multiple commitments to sustainability. What started as a grassroots movement led by local teams grew into a broader conversation about conscious citizenship. In September, WeWork announced a pledge to eliminate single-use plastics. Many teams distributed reusable water bottles as a reminder that every action and change, no matter how small, makes a difference.


Seeker of knowledge

Inspired by the mission to unleash every human’s superpowers, in 2018 we launched WeGrow, a conscious entrepreneurial school for students ages 3 to 9. This image of a library speaks volumes about how each of us is a student of life for life.

Brazilian influencer

Making magic in Brazil

This stunning image, taken by Brazilian photographer Lucas Peres Pinhel, coincided with an Instagram Story takeover in which he shared tips on capturing beautiful shots with an iPhone––one of WeWork’s frequent collaborations with notable creators. The photos on our Instagram channel are polished, but the Instagram Stories maintain a down-to-earth feel.

Notting Hill

Celebrating creators

The Creator Awards, a global competition that provides funding to mission-driven companies trying to change the world and entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams, is WeWork’s way of celebrating and giving back to local creators. This colorful photo, taken in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood, was posted to encourage passionate entrepreneurs to apply.


Highlighting our design

Every WeWork space reflects the local culture. Although our locations share an aesthetic, a keen eye will notice the nuances in design, such as in this eye-catching hallway in Seoul’s WeWork Jongno Tower. WeWork’s Instagram channel seeks to intrigue world travelers and design enthusiasts alike.

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